Wild Turkey 12 year 101pf circa 1989 (Limited Edition Wood & leather Packaging)

Bottled circa 1988 a limited edition bottled from casks aged a minimum of 12 years (many were much older) at a generous 101 proof. During this period the fermentation process was conducted in cypress tanks adding a unique profile and aroma to the whiskey. The entry proof into the barrels was also lower than today resulting in very concentrated and oily whiskey. A perfect example of Fine Bourbon. Along with their own stocks of well aged casks, Wild Turkey also was storing the whiskey from the Old Boone Distillery. Most of the Old Boone Whiskey would eventually get sold to the Van Winkle Family and be bottled under the Van Winkle Family Reserve label from the late 80s until late 90s... It is more than likely that they blended in some of this Boone Whiskey into their higher end export labels like 12 year 101 proofs.

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