Blanton's Takara Red Gift Box 6/25/91 -- Barrel No. 117 -- Rick No. 52

An extremely rare version of Blanton's bottled in 1992 for the Japanese Importer Takara-Shuzo, Kyoto. This period of bottling is considered to be an epic run - prior to 1991 Blanton's was bottled in very small quantities... It's hard to say exactly how many barrels were dumped from 1984-1990, but quantities today would suggest very few... With demand surging in Japan circa 1990-1992 quantities bottled for the Asian Market seems to increase rapidly here. Along with the increase in quantities was what seems like an increase in the age of the barrels being used during this time period, with rumors of 13-16 year barrels being dumped for Blanton's... We cant say for sure what was used in terms of the age of the barrel but rather let the Whiskey speak for itself.

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